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Tree Saw (Fixed Boom)

Tree Saw (Fixed Boom)

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Our Industrial Series Skid Steer Tree Saw is the dividing cut above all others and delivers high speed power packed performance. Like all our Industrial Series products the our Tree Saws are backed by the highest level of support and service in the industry. These Tree Saws feature rugged construction, superior design and carbide teeth which are guaranteed to stay tight.

Ideal for working in pasture reclamation and general land clearing, our Tree Saws work great for all types of hardwoods and softwoods. Whether you’re cutting cedar, hedge, mesquite, locust or pine you will have the most effient tool in the industry that will give you a very large return on your investment.

Our Standard Flow and High Flow Fixed Boom Skid Steer Tree Saws feature :

  • Rugged Construction
  • Superior design
  • Carbide teeth are guaranteed to stay tight 
  • Can be equipped with optional spray system
  • Hose kits are available
  • 1/2” thick cutting disk, 30” disk, 12 teeth for standard flow models
  • 1/2” thick cutting disk, 38” disk, 12 teeth for high flow models
  • Standard flow models are capable of cutting up to 10” diameter trees while high flow models handle up to 14” diameter trees.