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Using a Skid Steer Log Splitter to Keep Warm

Posted on 30th Oct 2014 @ 12:03 PM

A skid steer loader can actually keep people warm this winter, but by doing more than just putting on a cab enclosure and cab heater. It can keep an entire family warm with one simple attachment: the log splitter.

For anyone who owns a fireplace or a wood-burning furnace, a log splitter can be a real advantage. Because just when it seems like the right time to bundle up and button down for the winter chill, there is not enough wood to last throughout the winter. But all it will take is the skid steer operator and his skid loader, a chainsaw, and a heavy duty log splitter attachment, and that pile of fallen trees will be this winter's stock of firewood in no time.

The skid steer log splitter is one tough skid loader attachment for making short work of tall trees. It is a simple but useful machine that, as the name implies, is mounted directly onto the reusable backplate and reese hitch adapter of the skid steer, so it can be hoisted and driven anywhere it is needed, ready to chew its way through timber of any thickness. Once finished splitting logs for a while, all the skid steer owner need do is simply pull out a pin, and he or she can slide the log splitter off of the backplate. Then the hitch adapter is available for a 2-inch ball or pintle hook.

And that can be extremely useful if there is a shortage of firewood at any time during the winter. It is always good to be able to accurately predict how much wood is needed for the season ahead of time. But if a shortage does occur accidentally, no one will have to traipse out into the blizzard with an axe and a chainsaw. Rather, it will be really good to know that, even in the messiest of winter weather, the trusty skid steer can take the skid steer log splitter right to the perfect spot, and start carving up timber in no time at all.

In fact, the hardest work one might find oneself having to do is choosing the right skid steer log splitter attachment that best meets the needs and budget, as there are two different styles to choose from. Some splitters have an inverted design and split logs below the main drive, while larger splitters split logs along the top of the attachment.

Most skid steer log splitters use a special detent valve equipped with a spring that causes the log splitter to stop when the operator lets go of the handle. This means that the operator can actually let go of the machine in order to get another log while the unit is automatically retracting and resetting. And on some of the best log splitters, the frame has an integrated log holder, which makes splitting work much easier.

Any time during the cold winter months, the difference between chopping a whole cord of wood with an axe and being able to let the skid steer log splitter do the work is phenomenal. It is hard to think of the days before this machine, because it is just so useful, and it saves the operator from such a huge amount of extra effort. Simply splitting wood for comfort through the winter is one thing. But with the ability to attach the skid steer log splitter to the boom of the skid steer loader, it is easy to start thinking of all the possibilities: even looking at a few acres of forest and, instead of seeing the trees, seeing a perfect place to build an a garage, an out building or an addition.