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Fit a Compact Mini Skid Steer with a Snow Blower Attachment

Posted on 30th Oct 2015 @ 9:01 AM

For those of us who have the pleasure of experiencing different seasons, this time every year we start thinking about what winter may have in store in the coming months. There are a number of tried-and-true snow removal methods, including dedicated snow throwers, plows, sweepers/brooms, snow thrower attachments or even the old-fashioned, trusty shovel. Whichever method you use for snow and ice removal this upcoming winter season, be sure to choose the right tool for the application.

For instance, one wouldn’t use a plow attachment on a pickup to remove ice from a sidewalk, and conversely, one wouldn’t want to attack a parking lot with a shovel. One of the most efficient mid-duty snow removal solutions available on the market today is the snow thrower attachment for a mini skid-steer — a piece of equipment that is growing in popularity in construction and landscaping markets.

Contractors are starting to look for more ways to get the most out of individual pieces of equipment and leverage that equipment in a more diverse set of applications. Considering this, machines like the mini skid-steer, that have virtually endless capabilities depending on the attachment being used, are garnering a lot of positive attention. With bottom lines being what they are, contractors looking for ways to do more with less may find that a mini skid-steer with a well-built snow thrower attachment is the ideal blend of high function and relatively low investment.

Blow snow off driveways and parking lots, even tight spaces like sidewalks, with a mini skid-steer snow thrower. Most snow throwers feature a two-stage blower design with hydraulically rotating chute and deflector for quick and easy removal of heavy snow. The two-stage design provides power to break up chunks of hardened snow and throw them out of the path, leaving the surface clean. Operators use the rotating chute and deflector to bank snow high or throw it far. By adjusting the deflector up or down, the chute points snow in almost any direction and throws snow wherever the operator wants it to be placed. Additionally, the chute can be adjusted right from the operator station, making it an outstanding solution for a variety of applications.

As with any attachment that utilizes the tool carrier hydraulics, it’s important to make sure the loader’s hydraulic system matches the specifications of the snow thrower attachment. If the thrower isn’t getting enough flow, it will not perform as desired. Conversely, too much hydraulic flow can damage the snow thrower attachment. When it comes to performance, it’s a good idea to get to work as soon as possible after the snow falls. In addition, the snow thrower tool carrier should be set at the full throttle position while maintaining a slow traction speed.

Consider a snow thrower that features a direct drive design. This essentially increases torque and power without sacrificing power to the carrier itself. Additionally, contractors who will be clearing snow in less-than-ideal conditions will want to consider a machine that is highly durable and is engineered in a way to eliminate the need to replace troublesome shear pins.

Most mini skid-steer snow thrower attachments can handle a variety of material conditions, from fresh powder to pure ice or anything in between. A popular size would probably have a 44-in. clearing width, making it ideal for standard sidewalks and walkways. Regardless of the make and model of the mini skid-steer/snow thrower combination, this efficient approach can prove to be the ideal balance for certain snow removal applications. In addition, being able to utilize the mini skid-steer in year-round applications adds a lot of value to the overall cost of ownership equation, which keeps contractors in good shape all winter long.