Excavator Rotating Grapple (Hydraulic) 6,000-10,000 Machine Class

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525.00 LBS
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Our Hydraulic rotating grapple attachment offers the advantage of your Excavator to move Brush, Logs and various types of debris with ease. The Grapple Tines come together when closed no matter the position of the curl of the attachment. This grapple also has the a bonus that less dirt will be removed when loading the material into trucks, tub grinders and chippers. This unit would be a great addition to your job-site when using in conjunction with a skid steer root grapple or brush grapple.  It permits the operator full control of rotation from within the operators cab.  Our grapple is able to accommodate excavators with dual boom auxiliary hydraulics or with and an optional 12volt electrical attachment control kit.  The 12volt kit direct wires to your machine battery terminals and comes complete with hoses and diverter valve.  This unit comes complete with 8 ft long hydraulic hoses and flat face couplers.

1 Year Warranty Les Hoses and Couplers
Grapple Fully Open:
41 in
Grapple Fully Closed At Center:
4.5 in
Tine Thickness:
1/2 in
2.5 in
Cylinder Bore:
2 in
Grapple Capacity:
6,000 lbs
Degree Rotation:
Hydraulic Hose Length:
8 ft
Flat Face Style
Excavatore Class (Approved):
6,000-10,000 lbs
Weight Operating:
525 lbs

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