Skid Steer Land Sculptor Attachment With Front Comb

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704.00 LBS
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• An extraordinarily versatile & practical attachment for skid-steer loaders & tractor Loaders

• Heavy duty beveled front cutter bar provides extra strength & reduces wear

• Mid scraper for optimum land shaping

• Exclusive staggered grate design prevents wedging of small rocks while leveling

• Grate will sift out rocks and can be used as a carry-all of material

• V-shaped intermediate scraper shears off high spots and draws dirt to the sides

• Long-lasting powder paint use throughout frame and structure

• Optional adjustable depth rear scarifier teeth assembly digs in to break up hard packed dirt.

• Strategic placement of the rear optional scarifier teeth permits ground engagement while in the retracted position.

• The front bolt on comb assembly breaks up clumps and leaves a textured appearance

Leveler Assembly
Weight (lbs) 515
Width (overall) 78"
Length (overall) 46"
Height (overall) 23"

Comb Assembly
Weight (lbs) 109

Scarifier Assembly
Weight (lbs) 59

Bolt-On Cutter Bar
Weight (lbs) 130

Options include:
Bolt-on Front Comb Assembly (Included In Price)
Adjustable Scarifier Assembly (Can be Added As An Option Prior to Cart)
Bolt-on Smooth Cutter Bar (Can be Added As An Option Prior to Cart)

1 Year Limited Warranty
Bolt On Cutting Edge:
704 lbs

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