LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Construction theft is a huge problem! Construction vehicles and equipment of every type are at risk for theft. In fact, a 2005 Equipment Theft Survey conducted by Equipment Today Magazine shows almost 72 percent of equipment owners have experienced equipment theft.  When your equipment or vehicles are stolen, it  brings your business to a halt and results in lost time and revenue. But with LoJack, you have the best chance to get your equipment back. The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System tells police where your stolen equipment and construction vehicles are so that they can be returned to you, many times within hours of reporting the theft! You get your property back and your business stays up and running.  Over 95 percent of stolen LoJack-equipped construction equipment that has been tracked and recovered by police has been returned to their owners without damage, many times within a few hours. LoJack even has a 30-day recovery guarantee. There's only a one-time purchase price, and the peace of mind is forever.

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    Equipment theft is a growing, costly problem. It costs you in lost revenue, man hours, downtime and missed contract deadlines. Insurance is not enough. Unfortunately, too many construction companies learn the hard way that...

    Price: $940.00