Simple as pie but tough as nails, Spartan Equipment mini skid steer digger attachments are highly specialized for basic digging applications, in particular for excavating holes for root balls for shrubs, bushes, and small trees. These digger attachments are made in the United States from American steel (never Chinese steel) and are compatible with various popular makes and models of mini skid steers. Specify brand before purchasing. Choose specialized, high-quality, American-made mini skid steer attachments that will Never Surrender. Choose Spartan Equipment.

  • Mini Skid Steer Digger Attachment

    Mini Skid Steer Digger Attachment

    Our Mini Skid Steer Digger Attachment is an excellent choice for removing and transplanting small shrubs, bushes and trees. We offer the Digger Attachment for various brands and makes. Please choose your brand before adding this item to the cart.

    Price: $1,300.00