Mower Attachment

  • Features three overlapping blades and floating deck
  • Delivers clean, even cut on right-of-ways, golf course roughs and large acreages
  • Front-mounted mower eliminates driving over the grass before cutting
  • Cutting widths of 71.5 and 89.5 in.
  • Adjustable cutting heights from 2 to 5.5 in. in half-inch increments
  • 90" Wide Skid Steer Mower Attachment

    90" Wide Skid Steer Mower Attachment

    Mow the roughest terrain into a clean-cut landscape with the mower attachment.   The front-mounted unit cuts grass before it’s driven over, allowing excellent working visibility of the area to be mowed. Powered by a direct-drive hydraulic...

    Price: $11,500.00