Onboard Scale WL200 Series

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The onboard scale Model WL200 allows you to use the optional printer and is primarily used on compact wheel loaders, tele-handlers, skid steer loaders, rubber track skid steers or compact tractors and measures, displays and records the dynamic or static weight of a load on or in a bucket, combination bucket, grapple or pallet fork. It measures the hydraulic pressure in the lift arm circuit as the load is lifted past a sensor. An ideal accessory for measuring mulch, stone, feed or other materials in the loader bucket or with pallet forks. Weigh material as it is being loaded into a dump truck and prevent expensive over-weight tickets! The RDS WeighLog 200 has 5 individual display channels available, which can be calibrated for up to 5 different loader attachments or can be used to record quantities of five different commodities/ingredients. Each channel will display the Net bucket weight at each lift which then can be added to the total for the channel in use if required.

  • Reduce or eliminate overweight tickets
  • Calibrate scale based on material type or attachment type
  • Weighing accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Can be used on many types of compact wheel loaders, tele-handlers, skid steer loaders, compact rubber track loaders, compact tractors or front end loaders
WEIGHING MODE The system is based on the measurement of the pressure of the lifting cylinder in the up phase (by means of the pressure transducer) and the calculation of the up speed. Accurate weight is achieved after the arm has passed the proximity switches. To perform the weighing just lift the arm keeping the motor revs constant is recommended, but not necessary. It is recommended practice to keep the lifting lever hooked and wait for the unit to give the whistle which signals when the system is performing the weighing. It is important during this the upward movement must remain constant, as must the motor revs. The machine should be level as possible and should be subjected to as few jolts as possible.

Operating Voltage:
11 - 30Vdc
160 x 128 pixel (9.5 x 7.5cm)
Temperature range:
-40 to +85°C storage, -20 to +70°C operating
System accuracy:
+/- 2% of capacity (or better)
Load sensor rating:
0 - 250 bar
Env. protection:
Instrument unit IP34, sensors IP65
Full RFI/EMI protection ABS outer casing
155 x 220 x 65mm (HxWxD) 0.75kg
Systems Requirements: Your hydraulic systems meet manufactures standards. Leaks in your hydraulic system may degrade the performance this system.

What You Should Know!

What you should know about Hydraulic system.
Do not install scale systems on any equipment that are poorly maintained.
Hydraulic leak can degrade the performance of any system.
Under powered equipment can cause hydraulics to surge. This is caused by over sized attachments.
With each of our system you will receive helpful information that will increase the accuracy of your system.
Recommended for loader's with 3 yard bucket or smaller.

What you need to calibrate scale:
• Customer is responsible for known weight if available. Calibration of this system requires a known weight.

Most customers calibrate with on site with available materials. (if material on site is not near the full capacity of the loader, the weights will not be correct)

Then load a truck, verify the weight on a truck scale. Using the nudge feature, correct the calibration as needed.

Note: The weighing system is hydraulic based. The hydraulic system on the machine MUST be free of any leaks or defects. Mechanically, the machine must be sound. Free of play in boom upper structure. Any discrepancies in the areas will result in improper operation of the weighing system.

  • Static or Dynamic Weighing
  • 5 individual display channels
  • Proven Sensor Technology
  • Backlit LCD graphic display and keypad
Optional printer for WL200 Special Order only ($1,375.00 additional)

1 Year Warranty
Owners Manual
Type: English PDF
Pages: 30

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