Silage Defacer


Ideal for removing haylage and silage, our skid steer silage defacer attachments feature an open helix design that efficiently removes compacted material from compacted bunkers without the need for cutting and sizing. The design also maintains stem length for optimal digestibility. Open design allows the operator to see the bunker while working; can reach straight through to the back of the bunker. They also feature cutters made of abrasion-resistant material for long life. Spartan Equipment attachments are made in the United States from American steel and will Never Surrender.

  • Silage Defacer for Skid Steer

    Silage Defacer for Skid Steer

    Our Industrial Series Silage Defacer has an open helix pick design that removes haylage & silage from tightly compacted bunkers without cutting or sizing the material. The 96" full width cut allows the Defacer to cut next to walls and straight...

    Price: $9,900.00