Feed Bunk Sweeper

Our skid steer feed bunk sweepers are powered by high-torque, low-speed motors and a manually adjustable arm that enables the sweeper to be used in all sorts of bunks. The support arm features a telescoping boom for added reach and versatility, and the bunk cleaner’s sweeper features high-quality, heavy-duty bristles. Perfect for cleanup, these sweepers can also be used to remove snow from feed bunks during the winter. Clean and scour your feed bunks effectively and efficiently with our bunk sweepers. Proudly made in America, they will Never Surrender.

  • Skid Steer Feed Bunk Sweeper Attachment

    Skid Steer Feed Bunk Sweeper Attachment

    Our Feed Bunk Sweeper for Skid Loaders and Small Wheel Loaders features a high torque, low speed hydraulic motor that drives the sweeper head. The manually adjustable arm enables our Feed Bunk Sweeper to be used with all types of bunks. Heavy duty...

    Price: $13,250.00