Grader | Laser System


Our Grader Blade attachment can turn your skid steer into a high-performance grading machine capable of precise grading, making it perfect for athletic fields, parking lots, and more. This skid steer laser system features a 96" wide blade, a control box for in-cab hydraulic control of angle and tilt, and a reversible/replaceable cutting edge. Also features a proportional current valve to gradually adjust the blade height, angle, and tilt. It is ready to accept a laser control system for perfect grading. Comes complete with hoses and flat-face couplers. Use the optional skid steer grader laser system with our grader for a perfect grade every time! You can enjoy simple, precise machine control that results in material and labor savings. The transmitter features +/-10% X-axis grade range, 0.5% to +25% Y-axis grade range, and high accuracy up to 3,000 ft. The receiver features bright green "on-grade" indicators and red "off-grade" indicators, and simple, one-cable attachment.