Cab Heater Electric 12v 30 amp

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If you have ever had any experience with ANY type of a Direct Current heater in the past, forget everything you know. This new technology defies the mathematics that apply to standard heaters that use alloy type elements. If you have ever tried a DC heater and been "disappointed" with the results, you are in for a very pleasant surprise with this new technology! We are the ONLY company in the world to offer this technology for use in Direct Current. This polymer technology will revolutionize the Direct Current heater market as you previously knew it.

Our associated engineers have spent countless hours developing this proprietary "Stealth IQ" Technology. We are proud to bring you the worlds ONLY Polymer Composite heating elements encapsulated in a vacuum sealed quartz tube specifically designed for direct current! These Polymer Elements feature a life expectancy of 10,000 hours which is almost 4 times the life of a standard alloy element. Not only are these elements designed to last a lifetime, but they are designed to be the ultimate in durability where vibration, moisture, and durability may be a factor. The Stealth IQ will also put out up to 50% more heat than a standard element, while using the same power or amperage. The Polymer Element is vacuum sealed in our own "Ruby" Quartz tube to protect it from any moisture or harsh conditions that the heater may be subjected to.

The Stealth IQ series also features our very own injection molded  high temp silicone tube boots that absorb vibration and will minimize any shock to the elements. This in addition to the overall design, will help to maximize the heaters life in the absolute worst conditions. The Stealth IQ is a heater that is designed to literally last you a lifetime!

Prior to this Polymer Technology, mounting any alloy type heater vertically was not recommended because it will dramatically shorten the life of the elements. The Stealth IQ series however allows you to mount the heater vertically so that it may fit into an even smaller space.

  • 12 Volt DC heater rated at 30 Amps, 360 Watts and  6012 BTU's.
  • 10,000 Hour Polymer Composite Element developed exclusively by DC Thermal and our associated Engineers.
  • Vertical mounting capability.
  • Designed specifically for use in the harshest outdoor environments featuring our proprietary quartz encapsulated composite elements and high-temp silicone vibration dampeners.
  • Vacuum Sealed Elements
  • 50% more efficient than standard alloy elements (same amps equals more heat)
  • Constructed out of T5052 Vinyl Clad Aluminum.
  • Available in NEW Black.
  • M.M.V.S. (Motor Mount Vibration System)
6 Month Warranty (Parts Only)
Heater Dimensions:
6” x 5” x4”
12 Volt, 30 Amps, 360 Watts
Electric Motor:
Brushless 50,000 Hour Ball Bearing Fan
Fan Life:
10,000 Hour RuCar Vacuum Sealed Elements
Case Construction:
T5052 Aluminum
Entirely with GXL Wire
Fan Speed:
HIGH, OFF and LOW setting
12 Volt
Pressure Noise/db:

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