6 Way Dozer Blades

Our Professional Series 6 Way Dozer blades meet the high performance standards that are needed in today's competitive market. Each blade design to either plow snow or grade dirt and has been tested to see that productivity and durability is the number one reason you will want purchase one of our blades.

Each blade offers many features as standard equipment. We offer replaceable cutting edges, skid shoes, and trip springs standard on all of our blades. If you are looking to move large amounts of snow, an optional blade extension can be added for additional height. Our rubber cutting edges let you move materiel' over any surface that requires a lighter touch.

We offer manual angle as well as optional hydraulic angle kits come complete with two double acting cylinders, hoses and pins.Common features for all blade models . Blades shipped complete with trip springs, skid shoes and replaceable cutting edge. All blades angle 30° right or left (manual or hydraulic)

So whether you're moving dirt and rock or snow have a blade that will help you get the job done right the first time.