Brush Cutter Attachment 72" Wide Industrial Series (Case Drain)

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Our Industrial Series Brush Cutter incorporates a complete new design for increased production, maximum reliability and ease of maintenance.  This industry leading design incorporates a direct drive system for smoother and more quiet operation.  The 1/4" steel "clean deck" design with high quality powder coat helps keep the deck clear of debris and is easier to clean and maintain.  The alternating bevel blade design provides a deep penetrating self clearing cut.  Blades are made of 3/4" thick high grade steel with a reversible design for added blade life. This unit is designed for clearing medium to heavy density brush and hardwoods up to 10” diameter (30-45 GPM models) from wooded acreage, road right-of-ways and pipeline maintenance. The exclusive, patented retractable forward cutting shield moves up and back to expose the entire cutting edge of each blade as it comes in contact with a tree or heavy brush. This pioneered feature provides additional safety protection for the operator and work-site while greatly minimizing flying debris.  Standard replaceable stump grinding carbide teeth (Included as standard equipment) increase mulching performance and allow stump removal from path.  Replaceable bottom skid rails (included as standard equipment) are easily replaceable and eliminate the mainframe from wear and damage. Pressure gauge is used for essentially two purposes. First use is when cutting heavy ground cover or brush where you would want to maintain a performance level without going into relief. The second function is when stump grinding or felling large trees and you want to make use of the inertia generated by this cutters heavy flywheel like blade carrier. To do this you need to know when you are back up to full speed. Use the pressure gauge to identify a steady state unloaded pressure of about 1,000 to 1,200 psi. At this pressure the cutter is back up to full rpm and ready for work. Note: the pressure gauge is rubber isolated. Blade Retention Bolt hex shank is designed to prevent the bolt from rotating under extreme cutting conditions.  Direct drive with controlled shut down on this line of brush cutters include special hydraulic valving to shut the cutter head down quickly and safely. There is a distinct audible sound during the shutdown which will indicate to the operator that the blades are coming to a stop. This sound can be minimized by throttling back slowly prior to shutting off the auxiliary hydraulics. Direct drive offers less moving parts to maintain, a drop in motor alignment, and better efficiency. High torque motors are used on these units to improve efficiency and recovery times. The 78” wide model introduces a radial piston motor to further increase recovery time for its larger diameter blade carrier

Please select the Hydraulic Fittings size to match your machines fitting from either 3/4", 5/8" or 3/4" Flat Face Couplers before adding item to the cart.  


● Exclusive patented retractable cutting forward shield (Patent Pending). When using the Ground Shark™ on brush/ trees that are bigger then 4” in diameter, the shield will retract on its own to allow for maximum performance

● Standard pressure gauge indicator comes standard on this unit and is easily visible to the operator helps prevent excessive stalling and overheating

● Heavy duty push bar pushes trees away from the operator and provides additional control when felling trees

● Optional bolt-on carbide stump grinding teeth increases mulching performance and take the stump down to ground level

● Four double bevel reversible edge blades machined from AR400 high strength steel for maximum cutting power durability 

Heavy construction allows for lower center of gravity and better stability on hillsides. 

1 year warranty does not cover the blades or hoses.
2008 lbs
Hydraulic Flow Required:
30-45 gpm
Cutting Blades (AR400 Grade Steel):
4 (3/4 in Thick X 14.75 in Long X 7 in Wide)
Material Cutting:
Up to 10 in dia
72 in
28.13 in
85.59 in
Minimum Cutting Height (skid shoes on ground):
3.25 in
Minimum Stump Grinding Height (with optional tooth kit):
.38 in
Deck Steel Thickness:
.25 in
Maximum Operating Pressure (attachment):
4000 psi

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