Hector Warrior Statue With Sword and Shield Bronzed

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This extremely detailed and well made statue is made of cold cast bronze. The special production process of this piece originated in Great Britain and uses actual bronze powder mixed with cold cast resin in order to ensure a richer and more authentic presentation. Statue measures 13 ¼ inches tall, 8 inches wide, 5 inches deep and the bottom of the base is lined with felt to prevent it from scratching delicate surfaces. The bronzed finish emphasizes the detail of the piece; from the texture of the grass he stands on to the markings on the shield. It makes a great gift for history buffs and looks wonderful displayed in your home or office. NOTE: The spear is packaged on the outside of the styrofoam that contains the statue.






Material Used:
Cold Cast Bronze Resin
Overall Height:
11 5/8"
Bottom of Base:
Felt Covered
Shipping Wieght:
6 lbs

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