Mini Skid Steer 48" Power Rake (Hydraulic Angle)

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The Spartan mini skid steer power rake attachment works hard in tight areas & offers great maneuverability with minimal turf damage when repairing trenches or landscaping.  This mini-skid steer power rake can till and mill the soil with its pure carbide teeth, creating a perfect granular seedbed with a dimpled subsurface. The low-profile frame offers excellent visibility while the aggressive teeth on the large diameter rotor pulverizes soil like an ordinary tiller, with the benefit of faster ground speed. The counter rotating rotor moves soil ahead of it as it tills, filling in low spots and chewing off high spots. Adjustable end plates allow you to rake up close to sidewalks or foundations. Applications: back-fill trenches, perfect for renovation of turf or reseeding, recondition infield mixes, great for de-thatching existing turf. Comes equipped with hydraulic hoses and flat face couplers.
(Must choose brand type of loader for proper mounting at order)


1 Year Warranty
Working Width:
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
Working Depth:
Max. Angle (Right & Left):
Required Flow:
9-15 gpm
Operating Weight:
470 lbs

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