Skid Steer Exhaust Purifier Muffler

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  Custom Purifier/Mufflers are designed to replace a stock exhaust component of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) exhaust system. The use of Custom Purifier/Mufflers allows the exhaust gas purifier to be situated in an ideal location in the exhaust system. This ideal location will allow the exhaust gas purifier core to receive the maximum amount of exhaust heat energy in order to operate at high efficiency ( 80% to 90%+ ). In the case of diesel powered equipment are availability of exhaust heat energy is critical as low exhaust temperatures will cause the exhaust gas purifier not to function correctly.

In addition the installation time requirement of Custom Purifier/Mufflers is minimal and comparable to installing a stock OEM exhaust component. Custom Purifier/Mufflers are available in the following two basic forms:


A catalytic muffler is very similar in appearance to the stock OEM exhaust muffler with the exception that the muffler body is made of stainless steel and a catalytic purifier core is added. The stock OEM muffler is removed and the catalytic muffler is installed in its place. Currently we offer catalytic mufflers for Melroe, Bobcat, Case, New Holland, Gehl, Genie, CAT, Kubota, Komatsu, Wisconsin, Honda, John Deere, Ingersol Rand, Wagner, Jarvis Clark and a variety of other construction, mining and tunneling equipment.


A Catalytic Purifier kit is similar in appearance to a stock OEM exhaust flex-pipe or OEM exhaust pipe located in the exhaust system before the exhaust muffler. The catalytic purifier kit incorporates a catalytic purifier core in the OEM exhaust pipe configuration. The catalytic purifier kit is a direct replacement for the stock OEM exhaust component. The stock OEM exhaust component is removed and the catalytic purifier kit is installed in its place. Currently we offer catalytic purifier kits for Melroe Bobcat, Mustang, Thomas Mufflers, Case and a variety of other construction, mining and tunneling equipment.


Exhaust gas purifiers manufactured by Catalytic Exhaust Products Limited are guaranteed for one year or 2,000 engine hours, whichever occurs first, against failure due to material or labor defect. The time period is effective from the date of shipment. The sole obligation of Catalytic Exhaust Limited will be to repair or replace, in part of in whole, any compete exhaust purifier unit or components thereof. The complete exhaust gas purifier unit of components thereof must be returned to the head office of Catalytic Exhaust Products Limited within the warranty time period at the end users expense. The warranty is null and void in the case of improper handling, storage, transportation, fuel grade, lubrication oil grade, engine operation, engine condition and usage. Catalytic Exhaust Gas Products Limited will make the final determination as to the cause of the exhaust gas purifier failure. Except as expressly stated herein, any other warranty either expressed or implied, intended or otherwise given are hereby excluded and are null and void.
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