Skid Steer Planer Attachment 16" Wide High Flow

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Our Professional Series High Flow Planers are available in 6 sizes 16" and 36" wide.



  • Mills frost heaves around manholes, handles full-depth utility cuts
  • Restores proper drainage to pavement and textures pavement for skid resistance
  • Removes traffic lane stripes
  • Scarifies concrete and planes sidewalks and street joints
  • 2 sizes available for standard-flow skid-steers; 6 sizes available for high-flow skid steers


  • New "V" Style Pic Pattern delivers more horsepower per bit for faster cuts
  • Optimized bit pattern provides a faster cut by maximizing the horsepower per bit
  • Sideshifts 24" left or right to cut next to curbs and obstacles
  • Solid drum pushes milled material to the back, prevents remilling In-cab fingertip controls
  •  operate sideshift, tilt, and cutting depth on high-flow models
  • High-flow models feature planetary gearbox drive for increased torque and durability.
  • High efficiency 5000-psi variable-displacement motor for optimum drum speed 
  • Large access door allows easier bit maintenance
  • Available options include water kit, 2 slot cutter drums, and a guide wheel kit
  • CAD-optimized bit pattern delivers more horsepower per bit for faster cuts
  • In-cab fingertip controls operate sideshift, tilt and cutting depth for high-flow models
  • Sideshifts 24" left or right to cut next to curbs and obstacles
  • High-flow models feature planetary gearbox drive for increased torque and durability
  • Large access door provides easier bit maintenance

12" 0-5" ±15° 24" 1033 lbs 2200-3400 13-25
16" 0-5" ±15° 24" 1116 lbs 2200-3400 16-25
16" 0-6" ±15° 24" 1708 lbs 2200-5000 24-45
18" 0-6" ±15° 24" 1763 lbs 2200-5000 26-45
20" 0-6" ±15° 24" 1818 lbs 2200-5000 26-45
24" 0-6" ±15° 24" 1925 lbs 2200-5000 28-45
30" 0-6" ±12.5° 24" 2134 lbs 2200-5000 28-45
36" 0-6" ±10° 24" 2235 lbs 2200-5000 31-45

IMPORTANT: All replacement hydraulic hoses and fittings must have a minimum rated working pressure of 4000 psi. Hoses and hydraulic couplers from the attachment to the loader are included for skid-steer only.

1 Year Limited Warranty
If manual required please contact us

Phone: 1-888-888-1085

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