Skid Steer Vibratory Plate Compactor Attachment 72" Wide

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Our Industrial Series Vibratory Plate Compactor is engineered with the highest quality components.  Using an eccentric, rotating weight that creates vibration and impulse energy, our skid-steer mounted vibratory plate compactor uses the same technology to provide the needed forces for effective flatwork soil compaction.

Changing from your bucket to our compactor will only take minutes, it eliminates the need for a special purpose machine - like a walk-behind plate compactor or ride on roller on the jobsite.  Working where heavy rollers can't, it reduces labor costs and allows the contractor to do more types of work.

Vibratory Plate Compactors are ideal for:

  • Preparing street, driveway or sidewalk  sub-bases prior to concrete paving.
  • Backfilling against curbs, gutters, highway pavement and concrete slabs.
  • Smoothing, leveling and compacting sub-soil to prepare for sodding or seeding.
  • Compacting crushed rock at commercial, industrial and institutional construction jobs.

The advantages of our Skid Steer Vibratory Plate Compactor include:

  • Nine Square Foot Base Plate
    Covers the outside width of the skid steer tires to eliminate marks in the soil and offers large compaction area.
  • Oil-splash Lubrication 
    Provides maintenance-free (no greasing) bearing lubrication.
  • Worry-free "plug-and-go" installation
    No extra valves are necessary saving on installation costs
  • Four-function valve
    Controls flow, pressure, regeneration and oil flow direction.
  • Beveled front and back edges of the base plate
    "Push" the soil to assist in the leveling of the sub-bases.


 Model 1000
 Impulse Force  8,000 lbs.  35,586n
 Cycles Per Minute  2000  
 Hydraulic Flow Required  12/18/21*gpm  45/68/79 lpm
 Hydraulic Pressure Range  2,000 - 2,800** psi  138 - 193 bar
 Base Plate Dimensions  18x72 in.  46x183 cm
 Recommended Carrier Weight  4,000-14,000 lbs.  

 *Select the configuration which best matches maximum carrier flow
**Varies with the motor

1 Year Warranty
Impulse Force:
8,000 lbs
Cyles Per Minute:
Hyd Flow Required:
12-21 gpm
Hyd Pressure Range:
2,000-2,800 psi
Base Plate Dimensions:
18 in x 72 in
Compaction Area:
9 sq ft
Recommended Carrier Weight:
Compaction Plate:
3/4 in
Direction of Travel:
Forward | Reverse
Operating Weight:
1,200 lbs

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