Skid Steer Auger Bucket Attachment - Mixing & Discharging

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Our Professional Series Auger Bucket - Discharge and Mixing style unit is designed to auger for concrete, sand, washed gravel (3/4" max.), agricultural grains, and wildlife feed. Includes multi-linked chutes (24" & 36" long) and 7' hose kit with flat faced couplers

Reach hard to maneuver fence lines with our Auger Bucket. Quick-tach mounts on the front and back of the Auger Bucket allows you to hook up to a skid-steer for right and left hand discharge. Fill the Auger Bucket with up to 1/2 yard concrete mix (or 1 yard with optional extension) and easily fill post holes. The Auger Bucket neatly fills post holes with no spillage. Engage the auxiliary hydraulics for accurate and controlled discharge of the concrete. Turning the auger forward discharges the material. There are three augers to choose from — concrete dispensing auger, mixing dispensing auger and the sand dispensing auger.
There is no need to wheelbarrow and shovel concrete to post holes that are difficult to reach. The Auger Bucket is operated by one person who can easily move from hole to hole. Cleaning is easy. Run the auger until all of the concrete material is gone, reverse the auger and spray with a hose. The Spartan Auger Bucket makes putting up fence posts easy.

This unit comes equipped with a skid steer universal Quick attach frame on either side allows right- or left-hand discharge.

Self loading from loose piles excellent operator visibility One-person operation. Can be ordered as a concrete mixer with 7' hose kit with flat face couplers included. Two multi-linked chutes (24" & 36" long) included.

1/2 yard capacity is 22 bags (80 lbs. ea.) of premix concrete. 3/4 yard capacity capable with optional hopper extension.

Accurate and controlled discharge - 1/2 yard in 50 seconds

Horizontal steel auger with Eaton hydraulic motor drive

Replaceable protective rubber flighting prevents binding of coarse material.

Universal skid-steer attachment










Overall Height                                    (A) 27"

Overall Width                                     (B) 21-1/2"

Overall Length                                   (C) 74-1/2"

Overall Bucket Length                        (D) 68-1/2"

Weight 380 lbs.

Hydraulic Requirements             12 GPM 2000 PSI

Auger Length                                     61-1/2"

Auger Diameter without Rubber             4"

Auger Diameter with Rubber              6-1/2"

Auger Flighting Spacing                       4"

1 Year Warranty on Workmanship and Defects

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