Skid Steer Log Splitter Inverted Two Way Splitter 25 Ton

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Our Skid Steer Log Splitter Inverted Model with Two-Way Log Splitter comes equipped with a universal Skid Steer Mounting plate, hydraulic hoses, flat face couplers and 1 Way fixed standard splitting blade. Operators can split wood from the comfort of their cab with our inverted series. This unit has 25 tons of splitting force or you may choose our 30 ton unit for more production while giving you the extra power needed for the larger knotted blocks. This Spartan inverted log splitter is manufactured with a 6" by 10" reinforced solid steel tube frame.


Quality Built for High performance! Spartan log splitters give you trouble free log splitting for years to come!


  •  Both ends of each log should be cut as square as possible to help prevent log from riding out of splitter.
  •  Never place hands or feet between log and splitting wedge or between log and ram during forward or reverse stroke.
  •  Wear close fitting, tucked in clothing when operating a wood chipper shredder. You should wear gloves that do not have cuffs, pants without cuffs and slip resistant footwear.
  •  Keep your hands and feet out of the in-feed hopper


1 Year Warranty
920 lbs
Splitting Force:
25 tons @ 2900 psi
Max Log Length:
30 in
Cylinder Size:
3 in x 30 in
Overall Width:
46 in
Overall Height:
18.5 in
Overall Length:
85.5 in
Knife Height:
8 in
Log Capcity Diameter:
30-36 in
Hydraulic Flow Required:
8-22 gpm
Power Source:
Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics
Cycle Speed:
Governed By Skid Steer Flow
Production Volume:
50 cords per year +
6 in x 10 in Steel Tube
Hydraulic Cylinder:
4" x 30"

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