Skid Steer Material Unroller With Stem Extension 3.5" dia x 96" long

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Our Industrial Series Material Unroller's stem is used to pick up erosion control material rolls off of a truck, and can hydraulically pivot 180 derees to unroll erosion control material on either side of the skid steer loader. It has a free wheeling stem hub, and the arm floats above or below horizontal position; it can be locked into upright position for transport as well. Contractors can cut their labor in half! Comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers. Material Roller is a productivity tool that can save hundreds of hours installing erosion control blankets of all types.  It can also be used for other rolled materials such as nonwoven geotextiles and vineyard nettings. You can install 20,000 sq. yards of erosion material on a good day.


1 Year Warranty
Stem Extension:
3.5 in dia x 96 in long
Height w/o Stem:
19 in
Width w/o Stem:
45.5 in
Lennth wio Stem:
68 in
Weight w/o Stem:
600 lbs
Pivot Arm swing:
Stem angle up/down:
115" up / 8" down
Max. roll wt. 2.375 in dia Stems:
500 lbs
Mountable roll widths:
8 ft. on 9 ft. Stem

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