Skid Steer Truss Boom (Economy Series)

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375.00 LBS

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Our Economy Series single stage hydraulic Truss-Boom has a 72" long stroke on the first extension with a variable manual adjustable second stage boom that allow you to pin boom in two different places 12" and 24" extension. This unit is for use on all popular skid steer loaders. This Truss-Boom makes lifting and elevating as simple as moving one hydraulic lever. With more maneuverability this skid steer boom can go places that a hard to find and expensive boom truck cannot.

Standard Equipment: Hydraulic hoses with standard flat face couplers. 
Length: Retracts to 148" and extends to 220". Extends to 30' in combination with vertical lift of machine.
Hydraulic requirements: 4 GPM at 600 PSI.
Lifting capacity: Depends on extension angle, length and Skid Steer model. You may also add any of the optional accessories depending on what you want to use the Truss Boom for such as Sheet Carrier (Short-5" Peg), (Long-7.5" Peg), Pallet Carrier or Storage Bin.

  • Truss-Boom assures the accuracy and speed on every job
  • Securely holds materials in place for projects with critical tolerances.
  • Dramatically reduces the time your crew needs to get the job done.

Truss Boom turns your Skid Steer loader into a compact, high-performance crane. With its growing arsenal of attachments, it's becoming the "must have" add-on tool for construction, arboreal and farm use.

  • Easily lifts and places trusses, shingles, hay bales & more
  • Reaches from 148" to 220'
  • Requires only one hydraulic outlet
  • Fits all Universal Skid Steer loaders

Work smarter with these customized add-on tools:

  • Pallet Carrier - Transport loads of shingles, tools and miscellaneous items to your work site and your workers.
  • Storage Bin with Adjustable Legs - Positions and holds tools where workers need them.
  • Sheet Carrier - Easily, quickly and safely lifts and moves standard-sized plywood, plasterboard and other cumbersome materials.



6 Month Limited Warranty
Operating Weight:
375 lbs
45.2 in
18 in
Length Fully Contracted:
148 in
Length Fully Extended:
220 in
Rated Load Fully Contracted (Horizontal):
500 lbs
Rated Load Fully Extended (Horizontal):
180 lbs
Rated Fully Contracted @ 75°:
700 lbs
Skid Steer Rated Lift Capacity Min:
1,750 lbs

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