Skid Steer Truss Boom (Professional Series)

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Our Professional Series single stage hydraulic Truss-Boom has a 72" long stroke on the first extension with a variable manual adjustable second stage boom that allow you to pin boom in three different places. This unit is for use on all popular skid steer loaders. This Truss-Boom makes lifting and elevating as simple as moving one hydraulic lever. With more maneuverability this skid steer boom can go places that a hard to find and expensive boom truck cannot.

Standard Equipment: Hydraulic hoses with standard flat face couplers. 
Length: Retracts to 112" and extends to 256". Extends to 30' in combination with vertical lift of machine.
Hydraulic requirements: 4 GPM at 600 PSI.
Lifting capacity: Depends on extension angle, length and skidsteer model. You may also add any of the optional accessories depending on what you want to use the Tele-Boom for such as Sheet Carrier (Short-5" Peg), (Long-7.5" Peg), Pallet Carrier or Storage Bin.

  • Truss-Boom assures the accuracy and speed on every job
  • Securely holds materials in place for projects with critical tolerances.
  • Dramatically reduces the time your crew needs to get the job done.

Tele-Boom turns your skidsteer loader into a compact, high-performance crane. With its growing arsenal of attachments, it's becoming the "must have" add-on tool for construction, arboreal and farm use.

  • Easily lifts and places trusses, shingles, hay bales & more
  • Reachs from 112" to 30'
  • Requires only one hydraulic outlet
  • Fits most popular skidsteer loaders

Work smarter with these customized add-on tools:

  • Pallet Carrier - Transport loads of shingles, tools and miscellaneous items to your work site and your workers.
  • Storage Bin with Adjustable Legs - Positions and holds tools where workers need them.
  • Sheet Carrier - Easily, quickly and safely lifts and moves standard-sized plywood, plasterboard and other cumbersome materials.




1 Year Limited Warranty
Operating Weight:
450 lbs
45.2 in
18 in
Length Fully Contracted:
112 in
Length Fully Extended:
256 in
Rated Load Fully Contracted (Horizontal):
700 lbs
Rated Load Fully Extended (Horizontal):
350 lbs
Rated Fully Contracted @ 75°:
1,000 lbs
Skid Steer Rated Lift Capacity Min:
1,750 lbs

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